As you may have read in the recent update from Richard Rudd, the Gene Keys Organization is undergoing a transition. The emerging vision of the Gene Keys Society includes a membership model and dedicated social network website managed and governed by an international non-profit organization. We were heading in a similar direction with the Gene Keys Network – so are choosing to support this new initiative by ending membership on and discontinuing our development of a new social networking environment while this new direction is being explored.


We thank everyone who became a member since our launch last year. Your support helped us develop many useful resources that will still be available to you… and everyone…

The Gene Keys Living Library will continue to be available.

Because of your committed membership support over the last year we can now offer theLiving Library, Online Hologenetic Profiles and easy access to a variety of learning resources to everyone for free. A deep bow to all who supported this into being through your commitment, love and giving. It was a great initial experiment and will inspire and inform aspects of what is to come.

Accessing the Activation Sequence resources from last year’s Virtual Retreat

We will be migrating the videos and other assets we created during the Activation Sequence Virtual Retreat to our new website at the end of February. Richard’s transmission sessions will be folded into the current Treading the Golden Path Program – Part 1  available on

What is the GK Network Team working on now?

We absolutely love working together and creating great content, music and meaningful and potent experiences (local and virtual) as we share and incorporate the Gene Keys in our daily lives. In response to this, we are choosing to focus our attention this year on a number of offerings that we are all excited about cocreating together.

As a team and growing family / community, we will continue to experiment with, learn about and model the principles and practices that live at the heart of the Gene Keys in all that we do.

Our new offerings will be created under the OneDoorLand brand.
You can visit our new Website at