Gene Keys Courses & Products


Explore all of the Gene Keys Books and Online Programs on the official Gene Keys Shop, featuring media and content by founder Richard Rudd. Online courses provide step by step guidance to applying the Gene Keys into your own unique profile. Please consider purchasing through our Affiliate Link. The commissions we earn from sales continue to nourish our creative offerings to the community

The Gene Keys Synthesis Deck


The deck includes 64 Gene Keys cards, containing all of the Synthesis attributes – Shadow, Gift, Siddhi, Reactive and Repressive Nature, Programming Partner, Chapter Title, Physiology, Codon Ring, and additional attributes of the I Ching Hexagram name, Astrological Coordinates, and Integral Human Design Channel

Gene Key of the Day Calendar


The Gene Key of the Day Calendar is a tool to connect more deeply with the Living Wisdom of the Gene Keys transmission in our Everyday life. This calendar tracks the position of the sun as it moves through the Zodiacal I Ching, activating a particular Gene Key every 5 to 6 days. Featuring original paintings by Transmission Artist Eric Nez.

Virtual Retreat Replays


OneDoorLand invites the global community to join in monthly webinars and community calls, facilitating a communal deep dive into the Golden Path. These Virtual Retreats take place live, and then are available for replay at anytime. These programs are designed to enhance, inspire, and engage the community while deepening our cultivation in the Gene Keys.