The Evolution of GeneKeys.Net – Gene Keys OneDoorLand (hosted under Gene Keys US LLC) has been apart of the Gene Keys project since **, including helping publish the original Gene Keys book, hosting in-person and virtual retreats, and continuing to explore the principles of the Gene Keys in every level of creativity, business, and service to the community.

In 2014, re-opened its doors to provide the growing Gene Keys Community with resources and tools to learn, connect, and explore this transmission of living wisdom. We created the Living Library, an archive of all information on each Gene Key and an invitation for the community to submit creative contemplations to showcase the living reflection of these archetypes embodied in the unique life of each individual. We launched the Activation Sequence virtual retreat, collaborating with Richard Rudd to provide new webinars and resources for exploring the Prime Gifts, as well as community calls for group interaction and communal contemplation. In its initial phase, we began developing tools for a Gene Keys Community private social network, including searchable member directory and an interactive hologenetic profile.

After a successful first year of virtual and in-person retreats, the project suddenly underwent a major transition with Richard Rudd and Our team was dedicated to responding with grace to the challenging situation, and through applying the teachings of the Gene Keys in our business and personal relations, we have come to a new chapter of evolution.

In 2016, began to rapidly evolve. Our team implemented the tools, content, and research from construction phase 1 of the website into its new form on We transported and updated the Living Library, Community Tools, and Interactive Profile into the newly updated and the birth of the Gene Keys Society. Now all of the tools our members utilized in the past few years are available in ONE UNIFIED WEBSITE –

The Virtual Retreats, In-Person Events, and Media that was generated by our team has moved to OneDoorLand ( We have now officially transitioned from using the name and brand “Gene Keys Network” to become “Gene Keys OneDoorLand”. We encourage any of our members interested in our work, to join the OneDoorLand mailing list for updates, music, art, and magic inspired by the Gene Keys transmission.

Our Team here at Gene Keys OneDoorLand will continue to serve the larger community as a Media & Events team, as well as an Ambassador organization for the Gene Keys Society. We invite you to explore our Gene Keys OneDoorLand website for more information.

Please note if you were on the mailing list, we will be retiring this list soon. Please join the OneDoorLand mailing list for updates of products, music, art, events, and virtual retreats. Visit to join their update list. no longer offers a login or subscription service for its members. These features have been transferred to Gene Keys Society. Learn more about becoming a member of this brand new Gene Keys community network and resource hub.