no longer offers a login or subscription service for its members. These features have been transferred to Gene Keys Society. Learn more about becoming a member of this brand new Gene Keys community network and resource hub.

If you were a part of the Activation Sequence Virtual Retreat you can find some of the media at Webinars by Richard Rudd are now located at

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Please do not try to use your login on another site, this username has been deleted

The Ecstatics are now hosted on –

All of Richard Rudd’s free webinars can be seen here –

The Activation Sequence additional webinars were imported into the Golden Path online course –

The Living Library has moved to Explore here

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Our team will be providing both in-person and virtual retreats through Gene Keys OneDoorLand. Click Events to see more!

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Teresa Collins has joined as an official member of OneDoorLand. She will continue to offer her majestic presence, inspiring media, and brilliant love to the community through Gene Keys OneDoorLand. Teresa will continue to be a primary facilitator of Gene Keys OneDoorLand retreats and events.

We are grateful to be apart of a community dedicated to truth and love, with committment to ride through the turbulent waves and direct our attention to gracefully responding to each challenge as it arises. To uphold our commitment to the value of transparency, here is the public letter we sent to our community.

Through several months of negotiation, Elijah Parker took a lead in helping transition the resources, assets, and intelligent design of into its new updated form on This was done with mutual respect for Richard Rudd, Teresa Collins, and all members involved. We are grateful to see these tools being used by our community, and look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Gene Keys Society under our new name “Gene Keys OneDoorLand”

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